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The following questions are often asked. If your question is not listed, call or email us : or +32 (0)470 974 803

What is the difference in price range per person?

The culinary walk is a 3 to 4 hour tour (depending on price) which includes three restaurants/cafés on the menu. Q-rius collaborates with various restaurants and bars. The menus are elaborated according to the chosen budget. The difference lies in the choice of ingredients and the dishes. When a higher budget is available, we have the opportunity to book higher range restaurants.

Can you inform us in advance of the restaurants on our tour?

Q-rius chooses to increase your curiosity, and therefore does not reveal in advance the restaurants/bars you will visit. Restaurants are selected by various criteria including price range, availability, group size and number of groups walking at the same moment.

What will be on the menu during our culinary walk?

We give the chef “carte blanche”. Even your guide doesn’t know the menu in advance. You will enjoy a starter, main course, and dessert (depending on the chosen budget). The starter (fish) and main course (meet) will be accompanied by a glass of wine or beer (or a non-alcoholic beverage) and the dessert will be served with coffee or tea.

What are the possibilities for participants on a specific diet or with allergies?

It is possible to take part in culinary strolls even for those who are on a specific diet or allergic to certain ingredients. Simply notify us in advance so that we can inform the restaurants. This is free of charge if you notify us at least one week in advance, otherwise there will be a €15 surcharge.

How long in advance should we reserve?

This depends on the day and the stroll that you wish to reserve. We advise you to check availability by calling the reservation number.

How do we pay?

Via bank transfer after the activity. We reserve the right to send an advanced invoice based upon the size of the group and the chosen budget.

What is the deadline for changing the number of participants?

Changes in the number of participants can be notified free of charge up to one week before the tour. Changes less then one week and up to 48 hours before the tour will be charged a €15 fee. Any decrease in the number of participants communicated less than 48 hours in advance, will be charged in full.

What happens if I cancel my reservation?

When canceling up to one month in advance, a €50 fee will be charged. When canceling less than one month in advance, an additional €15 fee per guide will be charged. If you cancel your reservation less than seven days in advance you will be charged the full amount.





[’ku • rie • uus]
1. extreme state
of curiosity
2. the desire to taste,
see and experience